Dust Jacket For anyone who has ever wondered "what's it like to start a company?" this book lets you step into the shoes of the entrepreneur, and benefit from first hand experiences on what worked well and what failed.

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Hardcover 303 pages (October 2001)
S-Curve Press; ISBN: 0-9711873-0-4
US $24.95

Advance Praise for Bootstrap

"An excellent reference for anyone wondering what it takes to be an entrepreneur."
-- John Glynn, Professor of Entrepreneurship, Stanford Graduate School of Business

"More than a how-to book, it is one of an entrepreneur's journey, accurately detailing both the personal and professional struggles that he must overcome on the way to the top, and what he will face once he arrives."
-- John Neer, Executive, Lockheed Martin and former Founder, Space Imaging

"Solid advice on every step of building a company, from developing a product to selling the company."
-- Heidi Roizen, Managing Director, SOFTBANK Venture Capital

"Not your typical Silicon Valley venture capital story. This book shows bootstrapping is a viable way to start and win at building a high tech company."
-- Chuck McMinn, Founder and Chairman, Covad

"Brilliantly written and well organized, it serves as an invaluable source of usable thoughts, tools, and philosophies on building a company."
-- Monty Allen, CFO Globenet

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