(BUS 13) Class Administration

The Micro MBA: Entrepreneurial Business Management (BUS 13)
Stanford Continuing Studies Program
Spring Quarter 1998
Instructor: Kenneth L. Hess

Registration Required

The Continuing Studies Program asks that I remind everyone that only registered students who have paid their tuition and fees are welcome in the classroom. Anyone who has not yet done so should call the CSP automated registration at 650-725-5503. Call 650-725-2650 for questions


During the first class, I'll distribute a purple, grade option form. The form is due on May 22, but I would appreciate it if you turn in the form at the end of the first class. You can change your mind at any time before May 22.

If you take this class for credit (either a letter grade or the credit/no credit option), you are required to complete a five-page paper, summarizing your analysis of the case "Living on Internet Time (Netscape, Yahoo, Microsoft, NetDynamics)." This assignment is due before class begins on May 28, 1998.

You are welcome to audit this class, and in fact, about 80% of continuing studies students do so. If you audit, you still must read the cases and articles. I will also expect you to participate in class.

Office Hours

If you want to talk to me about the class, I will make myself available in the classroom starting at 6:30, one half hour before class. I will also stay after class.

You may also send me an e-mail at:

<Please put "Bus13" in the subject of your e-mail message.>

Class Assignments, Notes, and Announcements

Class assignments, notes, and announcements are available online at:


Please check this web site every week.