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"Your Basic Eyepiece Set," by MacRobert, Alan, and Pepin, M. Barlow, Sky & Telescope, April 1996, pages 38 - 43.

A review of eyepieces selling for less than $100. This is an extremely thorough review including optical test bench results for actual focal length, apparent field, sharpness on-axis, scattered light, light throughput, edge quality, "sweet spot," distortion, eye relief, and edge focus. The authors evaluate the following eyepieces: Celestron Ultima, Celestron Plossl, Edmund Scientific RKE, Meade Series 4000 Super Plossl, Mead Series 3000 Plossl, Orion Sirius Plossl, Orion Explorer Orthoscopic, Tele Vue Plossl, Tuthill Plossl, and University Optics Plossl.

The authors gave the edge to the Celestron Ultimas and Tele Vue Plossls as "consistently a trace sharper and more contrasty than the rest."

"The Barlow Lens: More Power to You," by Dickinson, Terence, Sky & Telescope, July 1997, pages 59-62.

A review of Barlow lenses from Celestron, Edmund Scientific, Lumicon, Meade, Orion, Tele Vue, University Optics, and Vernonscope. The author gave the edge to the Celestron 2X Ultima, Tele Vue 2X and 3X, and Vernonscope 2.4X Dakin.

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